Yoga Meditation Class

Meditation is a process that can promote exploration, self-acceptance, awareness, compassion and mind/body balance. Yoga entails commitment to practice on a regular basis, to prepare yourself to smoothly try even when you feel tired, to being frank to whatever presents itself, to retort to what is actually happening and not to what you feel should be happening. It’s simple than you sense to establish a steady practice and pick its many rewards. Renovate your life for good with everyday practice.

young beautiful Chinese woman meditatingWhen you unite the body, mind, and senses through yoga practice, you are either Meditating or getting ready for Meditation. Through meditation you will learn to surf your emotional oceans, and you’ll never be scared out of your wits off balance. It’s a verified antidote to restlessness and anxiety.

There are many types of meditation classes practiced throughout the world. Below are some examples of most recent meditation classes and if you start practicing few of them surly within a brief period you will have faith in yourself that everything is possible; you will start believing in miracles

Neti-Neti : Duration of class: 20 minutes

It’s a conventional Vedantic meditation technique steering the practitioner through a process of letting go.

Sweet Round of Meditation: Duration of class: 30 minutes

This meditation includes five major components for a deeper experience:

  1. a brief, soothing, asana practice
  2. Nadi –shodhana pranayama
  3. An intention/japa mantra for manifestation.   
  4. Savasana   
  5. Eight minute meditation bija mantra 

Reset your Mind Presence: Duration of class: 10 minutes

In this brief mindful practice is focused on conscious attention into the gland and organ bodies with the intention of resetting the nervous system into a space of ease.

Mantra Pulse Meditation: Duration of class: 10 minutes

It’s a meditation technique that mingles the mantra Ram with the physical pounding of the heart.

Chakra Blessing: Duration of class: 30 minutes

It’s a practice where you open each chakra with the sutras and breathe, and subsequently meditate with the radiance of the highest chakra flooding through the body as blessings

Fiery Purpose: Duration of class: 60 minutes

What is the purpose in life and how do you find out what it is? In this 60 minutes class trainer will lead you through looking at of the topics of swadharma and dharma. Class will consist of discussion and guided meditation.

Pranayama and Seated Meditation: Duration of class: 30 minutes

This meditation practice summons deep relaxation and tackles your nerves. You’ll start with a rested mindfulness meditation progressing into a relaxing pranamya practice. You can carry on with a brief seated pranayama practice and end with seated meditation. Props are recommended: one block and 2 blankets.

Meditation for parents who need a break: Duration of class: 10 minutes

It’s a meditation practice particularly designed for stressed out parents impoverished of a break.

Access Your Inner Awareness: Duration of class: 15 minutes

In unfathomable meditation, your perception can free itself from beliefs, concepts, and limiting ideas. Through this meditation you will learn how to let yourselves be, with responsive awareness of your own inner consciousness. This prevailing meditation contacts the natural state.

Yoga Nidra for a Sweet Release: Duration of class: 10 minutes

Yoga Nidra can turn into an adored aspect of your yoga practice at home, and in the class you will learn how it takes you through a ten-minute engaging release of your body. From your head to your feet, let everything grasping your breathe, release and lessen and softly escort you to a meditative rest.

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