Yin Yoga

A Sustainable Way to Attain Inner Peace

Yin yoga is a form of yoga that helps you attain peace in a still, static and calm process, while practicing the various postures. According to Chinese philosophy, Yin means calm, still and static and this form and its’ postures live by its meaning. Even though this form is one of the least popular methods in the west, yet it is a great way to relax without putting too much strain on muscles. It is said that such practice is great for joints.

Doing a yin yoga class is like mediating in a posture that you are instructed to practice. Such forms in nothing physical like other yoga, but mental. It, more or less, emphasizes on the issue of not putting too much pressure in the muscles, but instead to relax and soften the muscles during practice.

The method of yin yoga practice is a slow, but a deep practice that affects the connective tissue of the body. Such practice is passive, which is not like other active yoga forms like hatha, ashtanga, yang yoga forms. This practice of yoga is often referred for joints. However, this practice is also referred for issues like addictions, eating disorders, anxiety, deep trauma or pain. Practitioners of such forms get intimate with the self, emotions, feelings- which are avoided in a fast paced yoga practice. Practicing yin yoga can help you calm and balance to the mind and body. Such process regulates the flow of energy in one’s body, by increasing the body’s flexibility, especially joint and hips. Their unique posture lowers the stress level, and hence, increases the stamina. Plus, such process helps with TMJ and migraines. Yin yoga gives you the capability to cope with anxiety and stress. Generally, yin yoga is very unique from other unique. Its style, postures, and the way of practice are very much different fast paced active yoga practice you have ever imagined. This least popular practice is a wonderful way to maintain flexibility in joints as the postures access the deeper tissue that encompasses ones joints. This form of yoga stretches its teaching where muscles needs to relax and softened in postures. This form is not for a beginner level, plus the postures you are said to practice are long, and you need be in the same position for a greater amount of time. Such postures hence can be challenging for a beginner level candidate.

Expectation from this yoga is more personal than physical. It teaches you to relax in a position you have to attain. It’s what you need to learn in your personal life: whatever the situation is, no matter how uncomfortable they are, you need to adjust and get on with the situation. This is what Yin yoga is all about. It teaches you the attitude of life where you need relax in one of the uncomfortable positions for at least 20 minutes. In a sense, it gives you the acceptance within you, to accept this situation and move on, giving you a gift of inner peace.

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