Yoga Instructor Class

If you have been practicing yoga on a regular basis for a few years and have gotten hooked on it, you may consider completing a yoga teacher training course. Even if you have no plan on teaching, a high-quality training program may intensify your practice and enhance your knowledge of philosophy, anatomy, alignment, and sequencing. Yoga teacher training will help you to gain command of yoga inversions and poses while integrating a new corridor of growth on your yoga journey.

Various Yoga instructor training programs have some prerequisites for potential trainees. These differ from course to course, nevertheless, one common requirement is that you have carried out yoga for a number of years and have taken a quantity of classes with a trainer with whom you recommend training. Some students who are fond of yoga and are discontented with their jobs hope that becoming a yoga teacher can be a good alternative of their present job; however, things sometimes don’t work in their way. You also need to keep in mind that a good number of yoga teachers do not make a lot of money. Those who make their living only by teaching yoga have to work incredibly hard; on the other hand, scores of great teachers manage a few classes a week at the same time as keeping their regular jobs.

In the United States, yoga instructor classes that fulfill specified standards are listed by the Yoga Alliance, a nationally acknowledged organization. Two levels of Yoga Alliance certificates are there – 500 Hours and 200 Hours, referring to the duration of the program. Upon successful completion of a Yoga Alliance registered teacher-training program, trainees can use the title – Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) – after their name. Nearly all specialized types of yoga such as Iyengar, Anusara, Bikram and Baptiste Power Yoga require that teachers conclude a training program under their own support.

Finding a Yoga instructor class is not a huge task. If you follow only Bikram Yoga, your option of a training program will be straightforward. However, if you follow hatha or vinyasa yoga, you will have a lot more options. The best place to start looking is at your preferred yoga center. A lot of yoga studios offer teacher-training programs, but have a look at the curriculum carefully before you sign on. With trainees paying a substantial amount of money in tuition, yoga teacher training has turned into a moneymaking business. So confirm any program you think about is registered with the Yoga Alliance. This will assure that you will spend a specific number of hours studying teaching technique, asana, anatomy, and philosophy. Cost of this program varies from institutions to institutions; however, you may require to pay upwards of $3,000. Some programs are rigorous, takes only a month or two but need to join every day during that period. Other programs take six months or even a year, but only conduct classes in the evenings or on weekends.

You can also talk to your ideal yoga teachers about where they obtained their training. If you reside in an area with no teacher-training programs, think about considering an intensive program at an ashram or a yoga institute elsewhere. The Yoga Alliance website explains in simple terms about their minimum standards and is able to help you identify Registered Yoga Schools in your region.

Finally, yoga teacher training course can be a great gift of yoga that may help you to discover talents within yourself that have stayed unrevealed since your childhood – gifts of love, laughter peace, and harmony.

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