Power Yoga

When Old School Yoga Meets Western Yoga

Ever wonder why there is a different variety of yoga practices? Basically, different practices depend on different approaches when it comes to doing the craft. Since there are different types of yoga, some do more chants, some are more focused on stretches, some on the other hand are focused more on the core, and some others are depending on other factors, specifications, or custom practices. The art of yoga is a beauty that is very diverse. Diverse in a sense that it has its own individuality. Some old techniques are adopted and given a new twist, one of which is called Power Yoga.

Power Yoga is a form of yoga that follows the ashtanga yoga practice in a very fast paced manner. It was dubbed in the 1990’s and what we also call “gym yoga”. This type of yoga focuses more on power, a swift and fast paced type of workout to rejuvenate you and at the same time, give you that relief and relaxing feeling. This type of yoga is a slight deviation from the gentle stretching, meditation, and slow paced yoga. But in addition to the effects of traditional yoga, this type of yoga packs a more energizing, but at the same time soothing feeling after. Here are a few characteristics of Power Yoga:

Faster than the usual pace

If you compare Power Yoga to your more traditional Yoga practice, the latter is basically more relaxed, and at a slower pace, Power yoga on the other hand has a faster pace where you move in a series of poses which creates faster rhythm and an intense workout.

Ashtanga redefined

The roots of Power Yoga are the so called Ashtanga which is meant to be the “alignment and movement of breath”. This has been a classical Indian yoga which now takes on a modern form. Ashtanga transforms static flow to dynamic, which has a big factor concerning breathing.

Focus on the Core

Power Yoga focuses on the core which is a great intense training and meditation. Since it is more concerned with lifts, poses, and breathing, you will definitely feel the burning sweat flow through your head and would get your body to feel that burn.

Endorphins Alive

Since Power Yoga is a fast paced, dynamic fusion, rhythmic, and modern workout, it of course tends to release endorphins or what we call an “endorphin rush”. Most yoga classes make you feel very relaxed after, in comparison to power yoga, the latter gives you the same feeling of relaxation plus the total workout experience where you get to feel more energized after finishing.

Definitely, if you are the type of person who likes to add a little more flavor or deviate from the norm. This type of yoga is one of the options for you. Not to mention that it strenghtens the core, relaxes and gives you that rejuvenated feeling, at the same time gets you energized and leaves you that feeling of the burn in your body.

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