Postnatal Yoga Class

Following the birth of a newborn, a new mother needs specialist care in order to regain the strength of the pelvic floor and to learn specific breathing and relaxation exercises to adjust to her new role as a parent. We recommend all new mothers to attend postnatal yoga for a minimum of 3 months before preparing and renewing their pre baby yoga exercise.

Private Postnatal Yoga class is for postnatal mums, or anyone with young kids, who finds it difficult to attend a group yoga class in the yoga studio. These classes offer a flowing style of yoga, focusing on core strength, flexibility and relaxation. Beginners and experienced students will be catered for.

Our instructors are carefully selected to ensure they are properly qualified individuals who suit the needs for postpartum mothers.

In addition, we have other classes suitable for everyone, females and males including, such as classes for Beginners, Power Yoga, Yoga for Kids, Baby Yoga, and Yoga Meditation class.

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