Kundalini Yoga

Yoga is done for the peace of mind and to restore the balance in the human body. There are many schools of yoga out there. Kundalini Yoga is one of them.


kundalini Yoga-PoseThe kundalini yoga which is also known as the laya yoga is based on a method practiced by Sivananda Sarasvati and is influenced by the tantra and shakta schools of Hinduism. It literally means awakening the soul through the kundalini energy which is only achieved by practicing meditation and chanting particular mantras known only to the kundalini yoga disciples. Most yogis call it the yoga of awareness. It has the following aims:

  1. To make a human being uphold his or her values
  2. To always speak the truth
  3. Its main focus is compassion for others and a consciousness to serve their needs.

Swami  Nigamanda taught a particular form of laya yoga which then emerged as the kundalini yoga in the year 1935.

Benefits of practicing Kundalini yoga

There are quite a great number of benefits of practicing this form of yoga. They are as follows:Kundalini-Yoga-Poses-550x366

  1. It increases the flexibility of the spine. A flexible spine is the symbol of youth, this is the thought of most yogis. Age according to them is never measured in years but in the flexibility of the spine. Certain moves of the kundalini yoga like the cat and bow, or the serpent aim at adding more agility to the spine.
  2. An inner strength of the human core. This means that kundalini yoga aims to strengthen the abdominal muscles thus increasing the naval strength. A high amount of naval strength in yogic terms mean an increased will power
  3. It also expands the lung capacity. Most breathing exercises in this form of yoga aim at increasing the lung capacity. This in other words will help you reduce your anger. Whenever in anger take a long deep breath and you will it dissipating.
  4. Helps in keeping the mind at peace. In today’s world our hectic lifestyle makes us stressed and unhappy. Practicing kundalini yoga makes a yogi enter the blissful world of mental peace and will help relax the most stressed of individuals.
  5. It also improves memory. This means that this yoga is highly beneficial for the patients of Alzheimer’s disease.

Difference between kundalini yoga and other forms of yoga

kundaliniThe most important difference between the kundalini yoga and all other forms of yoga is that kundalini yoga uses breath and yogic postures to help increase the flexibility of the spine. It is the yoga for the mind, body and spirit. Whereas other forms of yoga are more stressed towards the physicality of the body, kundalini yoga stresses upon inner strength and peace.

What to expect in a kundalini yoga class?

A kundalini yoga class usually begins with a specific chant which is then followed by a few warm ups to increase the spines flexibility. This is then followed by the kriya which is basically a procedure which includes certain poses which aim to focus on precise areas in the body, like your spine and your lungs etc. The class then ends with meditation and a gong sounded by the teacher. Most people normally wear flowing white robes and head wraps, though it’s not usually necessary to adopt this garb. Kundalini yoga only appeals to those who seek inner strength of mind and body. For those who believe in physicality kundalini yoga holds little charm.

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