Baby Yoga Class

Mother and baby doing yoga-198x116After baby arrives, starting a Yoga class during the Post Natal Period can endow with a wonderful source for you and your baby that lets you to deal stress positively, and support admirable relaxation in your role as a mother and makes you able to shape your body back to its former glory. The body goes through a huge change during pregnancy and childbirth. Postnatal yoga spotlights on fetching structural integrity back to your body, facilitating to realign the spine and pelvis. Regular problems, such as back pain are relieved, and you may also learn breathing awareness and relaxation techniques, which assist to boost energy levels.

What you get in a class?

Mum & Baby sessions integrate conventional yoga postures (asanas) adapted for postpartum mum and baby. In most of the yoga studio, you may also find various types of therapy products for mother and baby with games, beautiful songs, and encouraging life building experiences for your baby. Usually the classes are done in a non-creepy, non-threatening and welcoming environment.

young mother does physical yoga exercises together with her babyUsually most of the classes keep going around an hour and engross yoga for mum, yoga for baby and some delightful deep relaxation together. Classes include yoga asanas (postures) for mum and for baby; this is not just ‘baby yoga.’ All of the asanas can be exercised with or without your baby, depending on how you wish to focus. Sometimes you will get the class is silent, and sometimes there is crying. Sometimes the babies are filled with fun and sometimes they wish for to huddle up to mummy and feed. Sometimes the mums are excited and sometimes they’re settled down. But there are apposite practices for each pair always. For all ages, the environment has a supportive essence of ‘give and take’, alternating yoga for mothers, yoga for babies and yoga together.

A standard session includes baby elongating to take little bodies through a packed range of movement which often dazes and motivates mothers including integrating baby massage; breathing and focusing yoga asanas for the mothers, and asanas for both to give mums and babies an innovative way to relate to each other. For mummies, the vital focus is on smoothly working the abdominal muscles, little by little getting mummy back to pre-baby shape and aiding to build stamina, strength, and fitness. As yoga asanas bring profound relaxation for both -mum and baby that helps both of them for a deep sleep. It also helps in digestion and enhances physical and emotional improvement.


When you can start a class?

When you can start the class can be a relevant question at this stage. For a ‘normal’ (though I don’t like using this word) birth, it is recommended at least 6 weeks after the birth. If you have had a caesarean section, at that time you have to start after 8-10 weeks. As always, the most vital thing is to pay attention to your body, if you are in any pain or distress, just wait a few weeks. Throughout the class there is no hassle for you or your baby to do anything that is uncomfortable. And there is no necessitate having any yoga experience either.

So if you were waiting for the perfect time to learn more about Baby Yoga class, the time is now. Contact us NOW and start learning today.


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